M-Boss Inc Tin Ceilings


The times below are for TRANSIT ONLY. For manufacturing time, please consult factory
We ship by DHL, FedEx, UPS & USPS. If you have a preference, please notify a staff member when ordering, otherwise, we will ship by the best method for your area. See the map below for approximate shipping time.

If you need faster delivery or would like us to ship outside the continental US, e-mail us or call us toll free 866-886-2677 (866-88M-BOSS) for air freight charges and information.

Shipping charges are based on distance. They are calculated when you place your order online.

Shipping Charges are based on like panel styles only. If you are mixing panel styles, e-mail us or call us.
All costs associated with shipping outside of the
Continental United States are the responsibility of the customer.
Including but not limited to :
Brokerage Fees