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Why M-Boss Inc?
Why MBoss-Inc.

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5.Why M-Boss Inc.

Tin Ceiling History

Tin ceilings became popular during the early 1900s as a decorative and low-cost substitute to expensive, artistic plaster. The Industrial Revolution and its automation meant that ornamental plastering and intricate stucco effects could be faithfully reproduced in metal. Metal provided the same beauty as plaster in a maintenance-free format: additionally, metal had the benefit of fire-safeness and economical installation making it a superior option. Tin ceilings in the early days were primarily used in commercial buildings. Their attractiveness and low-cost quickly led to widespread residential use.

The same superior characteristics of yesteryear’s tin ceilings exist today. Thanks to M-Boss Inc. several new advantages have been added. Aluminum, not used extensively until after the Industrial Revolution, is now the preferred metal because of its superior performance. For example, aluminum is lighter in weight than tin plated steel so it’s easier to install and it saves on shipping. And, because aluminum is rustproof, it’s perfect for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as well as humid coastal climates. M-Boss Inc. products also are available in tin-plated metal (much like the turn-of-the-century originals) and solid copper. Solid copper left untreated over time; will take on the rich patina of copper from yesteryear. The aging process of copper can be hastened or stopped by applying a chemical solution.

Company History

Mr. William Perk, Jr. who virtually grew up in the ceiling business officially incorporated M-Boss Inc. in 1999. As a young boy, Bill spent much of his childhood helping out in the family business, American Decorative Ceilings. American Decorative Ceilings is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and is a leading manufacturer of architectural metal ceilings. Growing up, Bill Jr. spent countless hours tooling around dad’s shop and eventually joined the family business. While helping it grow from a local supplier to a nationally known force in the business, Bill Jr. spotted a design trend that he knew he could leverage: take the largest expanse in any room, the ceiling, and make it a fifth wall. He knew historically accurate tin ceilings made better with modern manufacturing processes and materials were a market ready to explode. So in the summer of 1999, Bill Jr. left the family business and started M-Boss Inc.

Since that time, M-Boss Inc. sales have grown exponentially every year. Today the company is the leading supplier of pressed metal, decorative tin ceilings in the world. The Extreme Makeover design team regularly features M-Boss Inc. products on their shows. Ty Pennington has authored articles on the tin ceiling design trend; and M-Boss Inc. products have been featured in Designer Homes throughout the U.S. including, HGTV’s Dream Home in Alabama, Coastal Living magazine’s Idea Homes in Mira Bay, Florida and Norfolk, Virginia to name a few.

The design trend that Bill Jr. spotted in the last decade continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, as do the sales of M-Boss Inc.

Letter From The President

Welcome to M-Boss Inc:
As the number one brand of tin ceilings in the world, we pride ourselves on continuing to innovate our category. This year alone, we introduced several new patterns, lots of them historically accurate; numerous new finishes and many non-ceiling new products all geared to the latest design trends in the commercial and residential marketplaces. We have always prided ourselves in offering more patterns and more finishes than anyone else in our industry and our leadership in this arena continues.

What’s New?
With every product we bring to the marketplace, we make sure to add function as well as style. Today, our offering has expanded to include new substrates beyond aluminum; new types of panels including perforated and acoustical panels; new products to make your installation process easier such as, trim corners; and new products that add decorative style and function such as, chair rails, kick plate moldings and baseboard moldings.

Let Us Help You!
As you browse our web pages, you'll learn about our company history, our products and even get answers to commonly asked ceiling installation questions. Check back frequently, as we introduce new products and services, our web site will be your best source for discovering what's new.

Thanks for visiting.
Bill Perk, Jr.
President and CEO
M-Boss Inc.


M-Boss Inc fosters a legacy of Community Giving. Here are some examples of our contributions:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition— M-Boss Inc. has proudly donated tin ceiling products to several deserving families since the show’s premier in 2003. Each week on this popular ABC TV show, another lucky family experiences, firsthand, the generosity of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team and the partners who donate their time and products.

All-Star Kitchen Makeover—The Children's Storefront in Harlem is a tuition-free school devoted to the arts where 200 meals are prepared each day. Prior to winning the All-Star Kitchen Makeover, the school's cooking space had antique dishwashers, limited counter space, and a freezer in the basement. Thanks to Emeril Lagasse and a team of manufacturers like M-Boss Inc. that donated products to the "kicked up" kitchen and cafeteria now have state-of-the-art appliances, ample space, art-covered walls and a tin ceiling.

M-Boss Inc.

Why M-Boss Inc.
Architects, Builders, Designers and Homeowners Choose M-Boss Inc. because we are:

Dimensional: M-Boss Inc. thinks ceilings are the fifth wall and, therefore, we believe they should be the most important and beautiful feature of any home or building. Our products are manufactured using proprietary processes that provide dramatic and dimensional beauty to every surface where they are applied.

Versatile: M-Boss Inc. provides you with the widest selection of tin ceiling and related products on the market, making your design possibilities endless! No matter what the style, from traditional to contemporary, you can make the ceilings and walls a unique and dramatic part of any home or building.

Affordable: All M-Boss Inc. products are priced to provide the highest value in the marketplace, bar none. While M-Boss Inc. advocates the superior characteristics of our tin ceilings made from aluminum, we understand some customers are primarily cost-conscious and desire a lower overall cost. That ís why we now offer a complete economy-line of tin-plated products. So no matter what your budget, M-Boss Inc. has products to fit it.

Inspirational: M-Boss Inc. offers infinite possibilities for creating a new treasure or re-energizing an old one. Select from hundreds of patterns and styles, or utilize the custom design resources of M-Boss Inc. With the widest selection in the industry and very economical custom services, you'll get exactly the look you want in the finish you want. If you dream it, we'll help make that dream a reality.

Incomparable: M-Boss Inc. has a tremendous sense of pride that runs throughout the organization. We know it ís our people who make the real difference. We're a dedicated group of designers, manufacturers and service technicians who are passionate about bringing to market only the best architectural products. Ones youíll treasure for years to come.
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!